About Us

We have been searching for our tribe all our lives.

myTriib has been designed to address what we have found to be the shortfalls of social networking as they currently exist. The lack of privacy, lack of authenticity, connection and sharing, advertising and propagandising, fake accounts, and the endless stream of trolls and trolling. In this way we aim to create a network that gives all of us the experience of connection, support and empowerment that comes with finding our tribe.

The woman behind myTriib, Chantel, is a dedicated and courageous mumma who won’t rest until she has found her family the extended tribe they need to thrive. Chantel has unceasingly created and developed human networks to help her and others find their people. myTriib is her brainchild to take that natural talent global.

The man behind myTriib, Chris, is a papa who has stepped outside the template to find sustainable happiness for his family. With a background in environmental science, IT and psychology, myTriib brings all of these together to create a pro-social and sustainable network. A place where not only will your newsfeed be absent of things that offend, annoy or are irrelevant to you, but gives you a newsfeed to delight and inspire you.

There’s no corporate entity behind myTriib, just a couple of people trying to make the world a better place in the ways they know how. We are excited to see what will happen when we all find our tribe, so please let us know any stories that may come of your myTriib experience. myTriib is in no small way a social experiment. We have done our best to provide users with the platform, network and all the tools they may need to connect with their tribe. However being human, nothing we do is perfect and we value any helpful feedback you would like to give on ways the experience may be enhanced and deepened.

myTriib has been founded in response to a need to share space with likeminded people, no matter where in the world they might be :)