Why the dark website design?

There is no singular reason for this. Partly it is because we like the look (and hope you do too), partly to differentiate ourselves from other social networking sites, partly to make it more comfortable to use in low light environments, and it’s also likely a nod to our past background in the nineties and noughties clubbing scene

Why the handwritten font?

This is a bit of a social experiment. Personally we find polished fonts impersonal. When we read such fonts it communicates a certain formality, as if reading a finished product, a book, news article, etc.. Accordingly people respond to such communication with equal formality, cue the rise of people correcting grammar and spelling. Human communication is always a work in progress, we are all learning constantly about communication. Using a handwritten font is for us, a reminder that we are interacting with other humans, not robots or literature works, and that the font keeps us all humble and shifts the focus to communication intent rather than form.

How is this website sustainable?

From the inception of myTriib we have put our values before budget. myTriib is hosted on servers that use 100% renewable energy. The main myTriib office is also located off-grid on 100% solar power. All staff involved in working on myTriib work almost exclusively from home, reducing the carbon footprint further. As myTriib develops we will always build sustainability into our business decisions and provide a summary here.

Why is it a once off paid subscription?

We have elected to make myTriib a paid once off subscription for a number of reasons:

  1. To allow informed-consent. That is all users are fully aware of what is required of them for membership of the site, and what services they will receive in return. Rather than being baited into a “free” service where user data is progressively sold and exploited by the highest bidder.
  2. To exact a social contract with users. That is each party carries out a show that they value and are committed to the continuation of the site and the health of the community.
  3. To maximise users being real people, and minimise fake accounts, spammers and trolls.
  4. To keep the site free from advertising, propagandising and astroturfing.
  5. To find creative ways to give back to the myTriib community if and when financing allows.
  6. To cover site costs.

That said myTriib will always assess its membership subscription costs to ensure they are fair and keep the site accessible to the majority of users, while maintaining the objectives stated above.

How do you resolve disputes between members?

We at myTriib firmly believe that no human has authority over another, this includes us over myTriib members. If you are involved in a dispute with another member we encourage you to resolve the matter yourself. Options for resolution depend on the situation, the importance of maintaining the relationship, and each party’s comfort and preferences in dealing with conflict. If the relationship is important, our personal preference is to give the other party honest and fair feedback about what we can see in the issue from our perspective, and try to discuss it further with the hope of a resolution. The link at the bottom of this page titled on “How to" (Build Your Triib) may have other useful information in it to assist your handling of the dispute.

Why can't I see a chat window or board window on my iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Unfortunately the chat and board modules rely on Adobe Flash. IOS devices do not support Flash natively. If you would like to use chat and boards you can either access it in a non-IOS device or install a browser with Flash support through the App Store, e.g. Dolphin Browser.

How can I upload a primary photo

Go to Account then click on Avatar. You will be able to select an Avatar as your primary photo or you can upload a photo from your computer. From the View photo page you can set a photo as your Default Avatar.

How can I edit my profile?

Go to Account then click Edit Profile. You will be able to edit your profile details.

How can I send a private message to a user?

There are 2 ways you can send a private message to a user:

  1. Click on the Mail icon in member menu and select Compose. In the Recipient field, type in the username of the user you want to send a message to. If the username exists, it will populate as you're typing in the Username. This will help to ensure you type in the correct username.
  2. From the users profile you can click Send Letter.

Can I view messages I have sent?

Click on the Mail icon in member menu and click Outbox. This will take you to your Outbox which contains Messages and Greetings you have sent. You can have just messages display or just Greetings by placing a check mark beside what you want to see. Removing a check mark beside Messages for example will display everything but Messages and vise versa.

I accidentally removed the wrong message, can I retrieve it?

Click on the Mail icon in member menu then click on Trash. This will display all Messages and Greetings you deleted. Choose what you want to retrieve and click Restore The message(s) selected will now be back in your Inbox.

Are my messages on here permanently unless I delete them?

To save space on our server and to ensure the site is not running what it doesn't need to run, old messages maybe removed periodically.

How does Subscriptions work?

When you subscribe to another user, that user's profile will be listed in your subscriptions page. This also applies to subscribing to other users activities such as blogs etc.

A member keeps harassing me, what can I do?

If a member of the site is harassing you, Ignore or block that user. If the problem progresses you should contact the site administrator.

Why was my account terminated?

We strictly enforce our Terms Of Service and make every effort possible to make sure all users are following them. Your account may have been terminated due to a breach in the Terms Of Service (aka TOS). If you felt that your account was terminated for no probable reason, we ask that you contact the site administrator.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Chances are you may have misspelled your password or had your CAPS LOCK on while typing your password. Try typing your password with CAPS LOCK off. If this fails, you can request a password that will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.