How it Works

myTriib member homepage sampleSo what is myTriib? How is it different from other social networking sites? What is sustainable and prosocial networking? myTriib is a social network that aims to take the best of what social networking has to offer, and to get rid of the rest.

The best

  • Meeting and sharing space with likeminded people no matter where in the world they might be
  • The safety, support and empowerment that comes with being part of a group that accepts the real you
  • The ability to easily receive and share information that is relevant and enhances your life
  • The ability to migrate your supportive online community into your real life

The rest

  • Lack of privacy
  • Lack of intellectual property rights
  • Advertising
  • Propagandising and astroturfing, i.e. paid for and deliberately placed news, articles, etc. pushing undisclosed agendas
  • Trolling
  • Fake accounts and spammers

So how do we do this? Well there is a few ways this is done. Firstly, while free to join, unlimited access in myTriib is a once off subscription service (AUD $15/unlimited). We have elected to make it a paid subscription rather than allow advertising, propagandising and astroturfing. This is to preserve your rights to privacy, your intellectual property and to keep your newsfeed free of energy-wasting spam. It enacts a social contract between myTriib and its members, that is each party shows that they value and are committed to the health of the myTriib community. It is a way to minimise fake accounts and spammers. It enables members “informed consent”, that is you know exactly what is expected of you and what you will receive in return, unlike free services that bait users and then apply increasing levels of revenue generation on members.

myTriib beliefs, values and lifestyles questionnaire sampleMost importantly at the core of myTriib is its ability to assist each member to build their unique triib (tribe) of likeminded people. Using a profile questionnaire that targets the beliefs, values and lifestyles that unite and divide people the most, we are able to apply an algorithm that displays other members who share at least 75% of their profile with you as "Potential Triib Members".

By clicking on the members in this list you can see a "Triib Member Report" that allows you to review a comparison of your profiles. If you feel the member is a good fit you can invite them to join your triib. On receiving your invite they can compare profiles too and if they feel the same way, they can accept. This way you are fully aware of the similarities and personal differences you have with your triib members.

By making myTriib deliberately prosocial, we are doing our best to ensure the social relationships you will form on myTriib are sustainable. Our commitment to sustainability also encompasses the behind the scenes operation of myTriib. This website is hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy. The main myTriib office is run completely on off-grid solar power, while other casual staff work almost exclusively from home, further reducing the use of resources and our carbon footprint. From the inception we have always put our values before budget, and will always factor all forms of sustainability into our business decisions.

So if this all sits well with you, come on in and meet yourTriib...! :)